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China Bearing Industry Ten Major Events Announced

2016 is China's "thirteen five" start year. In China's bearing industry and related enterprises under the joint efforts of the "new normal" under the initiative to enter the transformation and upgrading of the main battlefield, all aspects have made new achievements, so that the bearing industry in 2016 to achieve the "thirteen" plan Average development speed. In order to China's bearing industry in 2016 has a general summary, selected the bearing industry has a significant impact on the development of the bearing industry ten major events.
1.Bearing industry "thirteen five" development plan officially released.
2.China Bearing Industry Association held its eighth session of the General Assembly, the Council successfully.
3.2016 Shanghai International Bearing Summit successfully held.
4.2016 China International Bearing and its special equipment exhibition held in Shanghai.
5.Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee won the "national advanced grassroots party organization" glorious title.
6.Longxi Bearing Co., Ltd. was selected by the Ministry of Industry and the first batch of "manufacturing individual champion" model enterprises.
7.Luoyang LYC shield machine made a major breakthrough in the localization of the main bearing.
8.Wazhou Group research and development of the cable cable successfully applied to the domestic aircraft carrier.
9.Domestic brand bearings supporting the success of "Temple II", "Shenzhou 11" and other high-end aerospace equipment.
10."High-end bearing friction technology and application" national joint engineering laboratory in Henan University of Science and Technology set up.