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t is expected that the international market price of iron ore will drop in 2017

It is predicted that this year's iron ore prices will fall: Australia BHP Billiton Mining Group predicts that the international market price of iron ore in 2017 will plummet from the current 80 US dollars / ton, fell to the average price of 51.60 US dollars / ton, 2018 The Federal Reserve Bank that the iron ore prices at the current level of unsustainable, 2017 will have a larger decline; Barclays Bank forecast this year, iron ore average price will fall back to 50 US dollars / Ton below.
Flat material: market prices were mixed. In India, despite the recent weak domestic demand, but due to the expectations of the Indian mills or raised the domestic hot volume ex-factory price. Among them, the ex-factory price of 3mm hot coil raised 3,000 rupees / ton (44 US dollars / ton) to 37000-38000 rupees / ton, outside the Mumbai hot volume mainstream price of 39500-40500 rupees / ton (540-555 US dollars / ton, including freight ), Plus 5% VAT and 12.5% ​​of the consumption tax price at 46601-47781 rupees / ton. India's steel market demand will improve in January, with the government to increase spending on housing and infrastructure projects, steel demand from the construction industry will rebound, the buyer is expected to accept the price increase. At the beginning of January, due to the Chinese mainland hot volume prices fell, drop the Asian hot coil market prices fell, exporters have only lowered the offer. At present, China's SS400 hot rolled export prices fell $ 5 / ton to $ 490-495 / t (FOB) from the end of last year, and steel prices fell to $ 495-520 / t (FOB), or even lower. China's cold-rolled base material to Vietnam offer down to 510-525 US dollars / ton (CFR), Indian resources reported 535 US dollars / ton (CFR). As buyers generally worry that prices will fall further, so the market inquiry is not much.
Long products: the market price rose significantly. In South Korea, rebar manufacturers and builders reached a quarterly rebar contract price, compared with 4 quarters of last year rose 35,000 won / ton, 10mm rebar 620,000 won / ton (519 US dollars / ton). South Korean rebar manufacturers led by modern steel last year for three consecutive quarters to maintain the rebar contract price stability, 10mm rebar 585,000 won / ton (490 US dollars / ton). However, rebar manufacturers are expected next week, the contract price will rise further and other factors. In Thailand, southern floods have a certain impact on local rebar demand, so that rebar prices rise further or blocked. At present, Thai rebar prices remain at the level of the end of 2016, steel mills offer 1.7-173 million baht / ton, about 476-484 US dollars / ton, but compared with the end of November about 15,000 Thai baht / ton, there are still more Obviously rising. Some analysts predict that by the end of February the construction of Thai steel will have a short rise in the south by the flood damage to infrastructure and housing recovery will have a certain demand for the pull. In China Taiwan, Fung Hing Steel maintains rebar prices stable and 15mm rebar prices are still S $ 148m / tonne ($ 463 / t), but scrap purchases are down NT $ 200 / t to ¥ 7400 /Ton. Fung Hing Steel said that Taiwan's current rebar consumption remained stable, after the Spring Festival market demand will improve the club, some housing construction projects will accelerate. However, due to the decline in coking coal prices in recent weeks, scrap suppliers rushed out of the stock and lowered the price, so Fengxing Steel this week cut scrap purchase price. Month, China 16-20mmBS500 rebar export price from last weekend's 419 US dollars / ton (FOB, heavy) rose to 426 US dollars / ton (FOB, heavy), some steel prices in 438 US dollars / ton (FOB ,net weight). Market analysts said that with China's domestic market and futures prices, coupled with the Spring Festival holiday approaching, most suppliers are eager to cut prices for sale. Moreover, the current cost of raw materials is still high, the Chinese government is cleaning up the frequency furnace capacity, rebar market supply may be insufficient and other positive factors accumulation, the latter part of the export price is expected to continue to rise.