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China 's tunneling machinery to enter the overseas market

In China, large-scale urban subway network construction is underway, a Taiwan excavation machinery such as giant "pangolin" like excavation of the mountain, transport slag, and even measurement correction. And this authentic "excavation artifact", has been a long time by overseas companies monopoly, and now the Chinese enterprises to occupy the domestic market, and even the acquisition of overseas enterprises and enter overseas markets.
With the continuous construction of large-scale infrastructure construction at home and abroad, especially the urban subway, railway, electricity, water diversion project, river tunnel and other construction projects continue to spread, the market demand for tunneling machinery to expand sharply, China's engineering machinery industry Usher in development.
The 2016 Annual Boring Machine Subcommittee was held in Guangzhou. Experts have said that China has mastered the ability to design and manufacture excavation machinery independently, and break the long-term monopoly of overseas Chinese enterprises in the Chinese market situation.
In the past, most of the Chinese enterprises through cooperation with overseas enterprises to master the key technology of shield machine, but the "market for technology" and not for the core key technologies, control systems and other key components still rely on imports.
With the development of urban infrastructure construction and the "China-made 2025" plan to start the implementation of the market demand to stimulate a number of Chinese enterprises through the introduction of technology, joint ventures, etc. into the tunnel machinery industry. Chinese enterprises accounted for more than 70% of the domestic market share, with independent research and development capabilities and independent intellectual property rights.
China National Development and Reform Commission of the basic industry, former inspector Li Guoyong said that the current Chinese enterprises have formed the world's largest industrial scale, while exports, showing steady progress.
It is reported that China's shield-based machine-driven development of machinery is facing a golden age. According to incomplete statistics, the current overseas shield machine has 18 major manufacturing plants, and China has nearly 30 companies engaged in shield machine manufacturing. Domestic boring machine product technology and quality began to be overseas to accept, domestic shield machine has been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe and other countries and regions.